The parameters needed to define a camera.

#include <ChOptixDefinitions.h>

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Public Attributes

float hFOV
 horizontal field of view
CameraLensModelType lens_model
 lens model to use
LensParams lens_parameters
 lens fitting parameters (if applicable)
unsigned int super_sample_factor
 number of samples per pixel in each dimension
float gamma
 camera's gamma value
bool use_gi
 whether to use global illumination
bool use_fog
 whether to use the scene fog model
half4 * frame_buffer
 buffer of camera pixels
half4 * albedo_buffer
 the material color of the first hit. Only initialized if using global illumination
half4 * normal_buffer
 The screen-space normal of the first hit. More...
curandState_t * rng_buffer
 The random number generator object. Only initialized if using global illumination.

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