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 Utility functions for rotations in 3D and their derivatives.


class  chrono::fea::ChGaussIntegrationRule
 Class for the management of the Gauss Quadrature in 1D, 2D or 3D space. More...
class  chrono::fea::ChGaussPoint
 Class for a Gauss point, that has a position (1D-3D) and a weight. More...
class  chrono::fea::ChMatrixCorotation
 Perform a corotation (warping) of a K matrix by pre- or post- multiplying it with a C matrix that has 3x3 rotation matrices R as diagonal blocks, so that C*K means: More...
class  chrono::fea::PolarDecomposition
 Polar decomposition of a general 3x3 matrix. More...
class  chrono::fea::ChPolarDecomposition< Real >
 Perform a polar decomposition of a 3x3 P matrix in order to retrieve the orthogonal Q and the symmetric S form, as P=Q*S. More...


template<int N>
bool chrono::fea::LU_factor (ChMatrixNM< double, N, N > &A, ChMatrixNM< int, N, 1 > &INDX, bool &pivoting)
 In-place LU factorization. More...
template<int N>
void chrono::fea::LU_solve (const ChMatrixNM< double, N, N > &A, const ChMatrixNM< int, N, 1 > &INDX, ChMatrixNM< double, N, 1 > &B)
 LU linear system solution (back substitution) More...

Function Documentation

◆ LU_factor()

template<int N>
bool chrono::fea::LU_factor ( ChMatrixNM< double, N, N > &  A,
ChMatrixNM< int, N, 1 > &  INDX,
bool &  pivoting 

In-place LU factorization.

Return false if the matrix is (close to) singular

[in,out]Amatrix to be factorized
[out]INDXvector of pivots
[out]pivotingtrue if pivoting was required; false otherwise

◆ LU_solve()

template<int N>
void chrono::fea::LU_solve ( const ChMatrixNM< double, N, N > &  A,
const ChMatrixNM< int, N, 1 > &  INDX,
ChMatrixNM< double, N, 1 > &  B 

LU linear system solution (back substitution)

[in]ALU factorized matrix
[out]INDXvector of pivots
[in,out]Bon entry, the RHS; on return, the solution vector