This handler is responsible for interfacing a ChMagnetometerSensor to ROS.

Will publish sensor_msgs::msg::MagneticField.

#include <ChROSMagnetometerHandler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChROSMagnetometerHandler (std::shared_ptr< chrono::sensor::ChMagnetometerSensor > imu, const std::string &topic_name)
 Constructor. The update rate is set to imu->GetUpdateRate().
 ChROSMagnetometerHandler (double update_rate, std::shared_ptr< chrono::sensor::ChMagnetometerSensor > imu, const std::string &topic_name)
 Full constructor. Takes a ChMagnetometerSensor, update rate, and topic name.
virtual bool Initialize (std::shared_ptr< ChROSInterface > interface) override
 Initializes the handler.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ros::ChROSHandler
virtual ~ChROSHandler ()=default
 Destructor for the ChROSHandler.
virtual void Update (double time, double step) final
 Updates the internal clock and checks if a tick should occur. More...
const double GetUpdateRate () const
 Get the period which this handler operates at.
const uint64_t GetTickCount () const
 Get the number of times Tick() has been called.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Tick (double time) override
 Derived class must implement this function. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from chrono::ros::ChROSHandler
 ChROSHandler (double update_rate)
 Constructor for the ChROSHandler. More...


class ChROSIMUHandler

Member Function Documentation

◆ Tick()

void chrono::ros::ChROSMagnetometerHandler::Tick ( double  time)

Derived class must implement this function.

timethe current simulation time

Implements chrono::ros::ChROSHandler.

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