Install Chrono Blender
  1. A copy of Blender must be installed on your computer. Supported from version 3.4 or later.
  2. Open Blender.
  3. Go to menu Edit/Preferences..., then clock on the Add-ons tab
  4. Press the Install... button and select the file chrono/src/importer_blender/ that you find in the chrono source code, then press Install add-on.
  5. Enable the chronoi importer add-on with the checkmark in the list of add-ons
  6. Close the window with Blender preferences.

If things go as expected, now you will find an additional menu File/Import.../Chrono_import all times you start Blender.

Read introductory documentation at Chrono::Blender page.

You can find examples of use in these tutorials.