chrono::sensor::ChTachometerSensor Class Reference


Tachometer class. This class queries the chrono system for the angular velocity of the parent body.

#include <ChTachometerSensor.h>

Inherits chrono::sensor::ChDynamicSensor.

Public Member Functions

 ChTachometerSensor (std::shared_ptr< chrono::ChBody > parent, float update, chrono::ChFrame< double > offsetPose, Axis axis)
 Class constructor. More...
 ~ChTachometerSensor ()
 Class destructor.
virtual void PushKeyFrame ()
virtual void ClearKeyFrames ()


class ChFilterTachometerUpdate

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChTachometerSensor()

CH_SENSOR_API chrono::sensor::ChTachometerSensor::ChTachometerSensor ( std::shared_ptr< chrono::ChBody parent,
float  update,
chrono::ChFrame< double >  offsetPose,
Axis  axis 

Class constructor.

parentBody to which the sensor is attached
updateRate at which the sensor should update.
offsetPoseRelative position and orientation of sensor relative to parent body
axisAxis of rotation to measure (X,Y,Z)

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