Class for the basic properties of scalar fields P in 3D FEM problems that can be described by Laplace PDEs of type rho dP/dt + div [C] grad P = 0.

#include <ChContinuumPoisson3D.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChContinuumPoisson3D (const ChContinuumPoisson3D &other)
ChMatrixDynamicGet_ConstitutiveMatrix ()
 Get the constitutive matrix [C] to compute the bilinear form in the weak formulation.
virtual double Get_DtMultiplier ()
 Get the rho multiplier for the 'rho dP/dt term', if any (default, none)
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::fea::ChContinuumMaterial
 ChContinuumMaterial (double mdensity=1000)
 ChContinuumMaterial (const ChContinuumMaterial &other)
void Set_density (double m_density)
 Set the density of the material, in kg/m^2.
double Get_density () const
 Get the density of the material, in kg/m^2.
virtual void ArchiveOUT (ChArchiveOut &marchive)
virtual void ArchiveIN (ChArchiveIn &marchive)

Protected Attributes

ChMatrixDynamic ConstitutiveMatrix
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::fea::ChContinuumMaterial
double density

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