Chrono SYNCHRONO module tutorials

The Chrono distribution contains several demos for modeling and simulating autonomous vehicles and robots with the SYNCHRONO module.

SynChrono supports synchronization of distributed simulations of multiple vehicles or robots in a single time and space coherent Chrono world. SynChrono also provides out of the box wrapping of Chrono::Vehicle models, Chrono::Irrlicht and Chrono::Sensor visualizations, modeling of intelligent intersection systems, and synchronization of deformable (SCM) terrain.

SynChrono demos:

  • Basic SynChrono Demos (demo_vehicles/)
    • demo_SYN_wheeled - Demo with driveable wheeled vehicles, on flat, rigid terrain, using MPI for synchronization.
    • demo_SYN_tracked - Demo with driveable tracked vehicles, on flat, rigid terrain, using MPI for synchronization.
  • Feature-oriented SynChrono demos
    • demo_SYN_scm(_tracked) - Demo showing support for synchronized deformable (SCM) terrain
    • demo_highway - Demo showing simple model for lane-changing and a highway mesh

All SynChrono demos use command-line arguments to control various options at run-time rather than needing a re-compile. You can view the options for a particular demo by running ./path/to/demo_SYN_somedemo --help. To run an MPI-based demo with n nodes, run the command:

mpirun -n <num nodes> path/to/demo_SYN_MPI_demo

For more complex MPI setups, please consult the documentation for your particular MPI distribution.