Chrono PYTHON module tutorials

Tutorials for using the PYTHON module.

The examples below show how to parse Python programs from the C++ side, using the Chrono::Python module. For examples of using the Chrono::Python module from the Python side see the tutorials for PyChrono.

ATTENTION! Sources for these demos, compatible with the version of the Chrono libraries you have installed, can be found in the Chrono source tree under src/demos/pyparser.

  • demo_PY_parser.cpp

    How to load and execute Python commands or programs from the C++ side.

  • demo_PY_import_solidworks.cpp

    Load a mechanism that you exported from SolidWorks

    • load a SolidWorks mechanism into Chrono::Engine
    • retrieve pointers to SolidWorks exported parts, given their name
    • show a realtime simulation with Irrlicht