Install Chrono Solidworks

Chrono::SolidWorks is an add-in tool that allows to model complex mechanisms using the powerful SolidWorks 3D CAD software. The user can create mechanisms with mouse and 3D interface, then a description file can be output from SolidWorks and load in a C++ or Python program.

The generated description file is actually a Python .py file that contains all the statements to create Chrono::Engine scenes, with masses, positions, collision shapes, assets for visualization, etc., so it basically saves you hours of blind programming. You only need to load the .py file in a simple Python program (or C++ program, using the unit_PYTHON for parsing), add items to a ChSystem object, and run a loop for computing the simulation.


  • A copy of SolidWorks must be installed on your computer. Supported from version 2011, 64bit, or later.
  • Install the Chrono::SolidWorks add-in, using the installer in our download section.
  • install the PyChrono module, using the installer in our download section.

How to use it

You can find examples of use in these tutorials.