chrono::vehicle::DegressiveDamperForce Class Reference


Utility class for specifying a degressive translational damper force.

#include <ChSubsysDefs.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DegressiveDamperForce (double c_compression)
 Fallback to LinearDamperForce.
 DegressiveDamperForce (double c_compression, double c_expansion)
 Fallback to LinearDamperForce with different compression and expansion bins.
 DegressiveDamperForce (double c_compression, double degr_compression, double degr_expansion)
 Different compression and expansion degressivity, same damper coefficient at origin.
 DegressiveDamperForce (double c_compression, double degr_compression, double c_expansion, double degr_expansion)
 Full parametrization.
virtual double operator() (double time, double rest_length, double length, double vel, ChLinkSpringCB *link) override
 Calculate and return the general spring-damper force at the specified configuration.