chrono::synchrono::SynWheeledVehicleStateMessage Class Reference


State class that holds state information for a SynWheeledVehicle.

#include <SynWheeledVehicleMessage.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SynWheeledVehicleStateMessage (SynAgentID source_id, SynAgentID destination_id)
 Constructor. More...
virtual void ConvertFromFlatBuffers (const SynFlatBuffers::Message *message) override
 Converts a received flatbuffer message to a SynMessage. More...
virtual FlatBufferMessage ConvertToFlatBuffers (flatbuffers::FlatBufferBuilder &builder) override
 Converts this object to a flatbuffer message. More...
void SetState (double time, SynPose chassis, std::vector< SynPose > wheels)
 Set the state variables. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::synchrono::SynMessage
virtual ~SynMessage ()
 Destroy the SynMessage object.
unsigned int GetSourceID ()
 Get the id of the source of this message. More...
void SetSourceID (unsigned int source_id)
 Set the id of the source of this message. More...
unsigned int GetDestinationID ()
 Get the id of the destination for this message. More...

Public Attributes

SynPose chassis
 vehicle's chassis pose
std::vector< SynPosewheels
 vector of vehicle's wheels
- Public Attributes inherited from chrono::synchrono::SynMessage
double time
 simulation time

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from chrono::synchrono::SynMessage
 SynMessage (unsigned int source_id, unsigned int destination_id)
 Constructor. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::synchrono::SynMessage
unsigned int m_source_id
 id for the source which sent this message
unsigned int m_destination_id
 id for the destination of this message

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SynWheeledVehicleStateMessage()

chrono::synchrono::SynWheeledVehicleStateMessage::SynWheeledVehicleStateMessage ( SynAgentID  source_id,
SynAgentID  destination_id 


source_idthe id of the source to which the message is sent from
destination_idthe id of the destination to which the message is sent to

Member Function Documentation

◆ ConvertFromFlatBuffers()

void chrono::synchrono::SynWheeledVehicleStateMessage::ConvertFromFlatBuffers ( const SynFlatBuffers::Message *  message)

Converts a received flatbuffer message to a SynMessage.

messagethe flatbuffer message to convert to a SynMessage

Implements chrono::synchrono::SynMessage.

◆ ConvertToFlatBuffers()

FlatBufferMessage chrono::synchrono::SynWheeledVehicleStateMessage::ConvertToFlatBuffers ( flatbuffers::FlatBufferBuilder &  builder)

Converts this object to a flatbuffer message.

Generate FlatBuffers message from this message's state.

buildera flatbuffer builder to construct the message with
FlatBufferMessage the constructed flatbuffer message

Implements chrono::synchrono::SynMessage.

◆ SetState()

void chrono::synchrono::SynWheeledVehicleStateMessage::SetState ( double  time,
SynPose  chassis,
std::vector< SynPose wheels 

Set the state variables.

timesimulation time
chassisvehicle's chassis pose
wheelsvector of the vehicle's wheel poses

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