Base class for all terrain wrappers. Must handle messages and Advance and Synchronize the state of their terrain.

#include <SynTerrain.h>

Inheritance diagram for chrono::synchrono::SynTerrain:

Public Member Functions

virtual void ProcessMessage (SynMessage *message)=0
 Synchronize the state of this terrain based on info in a received SynMessage.
virtual void GenerateMessagesToSend (std::vector< SynMessage * > &messages, int rank)=0
 Add any messages that this terrain would like to send out to the vector of SynMessages.
virtual std::shared_ptr< vehicle::ChTerrainGetTerrain ()=0
 Get the terrain.
virtual void Advance (double step)
 Update the state of the terrain system at the specified time.
virtual void Synchronize (double time)
 Advance the state of the terrain system by the specified duration.
double GetHeight (const ChVector<> &loc)
 Get the terrain height below the specified location.

Static Public Member Functions

static rapidjson::Document ParseTerrainFileJSON (const std::string &filename)

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