Concrete class using MPI AllGatherV calls to manage state synchronization.

#include <SynMPIManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SynMPIManager (int argc, char *argv[], SynMPIConfig config=MPI_CONFIG_DEFAULT)
virtual void Exit ()
virtual bool Initialize () override
 Generate agent description messages and synchronize them to all agents. More...
virtual void Synchronize () override
 Gather messages from all ranks and synchronize the simulation.
virtual void Update ()
 Update the zombie agents and process messages. More...
virtual void Barrier () override
 Wrapper of MPI barrier.
SynMPIConfig & GetConfig ()
 Get the MPI Config.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::synchrono::SynCommunicationManager
 SynCommunicationManager ()
 Constructs a new SynCommunicationManager object.
 SynCommunicationManager (int msg_length)
 Constructs a new SynCommunicationManager object with a starting message length.
 ~SynCommunicationManager ()
 Destory the SynCommunicationManager object.
virtual bool AddAgent (std::shared_ptr< SynAgent > agent)
 Add the specified agent to this manager's list of agents. More...
virtual bool AddAgent (std::shared_ptr< SynAgent > agent, int rank)
 Add the specified agent to this manager's list of agents at the provided rank. More...
virtual void Advance (double time_to_next_sync)
 Advance the state of the agent simulated by this rank to the specified timestep. More...
virtual void GenerateMessages () final
 Adds all messages to the flatbuffer manager and finishes it size-prefixed (if desired) More...
virtual void GenerateAgentDescriptionMessage () final
 Adds all info messages to the flatbuffer manager and finishes it size-prefixed.
virtual void ProcessMessage (const uint8_t *data)
 Processes all of the messages received. More...
virtual void ProcessMessageBuffer (const SynFlatBuffers::Buffer *buffer) final
 Processes all messages inside a single buffer. More...
virtual std::shared_ptr< SynAgentAgentFromDescription (const SynFlatBuffers::Buffer *buffer) final
 Processes all messages inside a single buffer. More...
std::shared_ptr< SynAgentGetAgent (int rank)
 Get agent at specified rank.
virtual int GetRank () final
 Get rank of current manager.
virtual int GetNumRanks () final
 Get the number of ranks in the simulation.
virtual std::map< int, std::shared_ptr< SynAgent > > GetAgentList () final
 Get the agent list.
bool IsOk ()
 Is the simulation still running?
double GetHeartbeat ()
 Get/Set the heartbeat.
void SetHeartbeat (double heartbeat)
double GetEndTime ()
 Get/Set the end time.
void SetEndTime (double end_time)

Protected Attributes

SynMPIConfig m_config
int m_msg_length
 Maximum size of message that can be sent from any agent.
int m_bcast_length
 Size of the buffer that gets broadcast to all agents (num_ranks - 1) * m_msg_length.
int m_total_length
 Current length of messages from all ranks.
int * m_msg_lengths
 Array of message lengths for all ranks.
int * m_msg_displs
 Array of message displacements for all ranks.
std::vector< uint8_t > m_rank_data
std::vector< uint8_t > m_all_data
 Buffer for receiving messages from all ranks.
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::synchrono::SynCommunicationManager
bool m_ok
 Is everything ok?
double m_heartbeat
double m_end_time
int m_num_advances
 keeps track of the number of updates that have occured so far
bool m_is_synchronized
 keeps track of the whether ranks are time synchronized
int m_rank
 rank which this manager controls
int m_num_ranks
 total number of ranks in this simulation
bool m_initialized
 has the manager been initialized
std::shared_ptr< SynAgentm_agent
 handle to this rank's agent
std::map< int, std::shared_ptr< SynAgent > > m_agent_list
 id to agent map on this rank
std::map< int, std::vector< SynMessage * > > m_message_list
 received messages mapped to each rank
SynFlatBuffersManager m_flatbuffers_manager
 flatbuffer manager for this rank

Member Function Documentation

◆ Initialize()

bool chrono::synchrono::SynMPIManager::Initialize ( )

Generate agent description messages and synchronize them to all agents.

boolean indicated whether initialization function was successful

Reimplemented from chrono::synchrono::SynCommunicationManager.

◆ Update()

void chrono::synchrono::SynMPIManager::Update ( )

Update the zombie agents and process messages.

Overriding classes should probably at a minimum call ProcessBufferedMessages. All worlds should be guaranteed to be synchronized after this function returns.

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