chrono::fea::ChMaterialShellANCF Class Reference


Definition of materials to be used for ANCF shells.

This class implements material properties for a layer.

#include <ChMaterialShellANCF.h>

Public Member Functions

 ChMaterialShellANCF (double rho, double E, double nu)
 Construct an isotropic material. More...
 ChMaterialShellANCF (double rho, const ChVector<> &E, const ChVector<> &nu, const ChVector<> &G)
 Construct a (possibly) orthotropic material. More...
double Get_rho () const
 Return the material density.
const ChMatrixNM< double, 6, 6 > & Get_E_eps () const
 Return the matrix of elastic coefficients.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

chrono::fea::ChMaterialShellANCF::ChMaterialShellANCF ( double  rho,
double  E,
double  nu 

Construct an isotropic material.

rhomaterial density
EYoung's modulus
nuPoisson ratio
chrono::fea::ChMaterialShellANCF::ChMaterialShellANCF ( double  rho,
const ChVector<> &  E,
const ChVector<> &  nu,
const ChVector<> &  G 

Construct a (possibly) orthotropic material.

rhomaterial density
Eelasticity moduli (E_x, E_y, E_z)
nuPoisson ratios (nu_xy, nu_xz, nu_yz)
Gshear moduli (G_xy, G_xz, G_yz)