Chrono VEHICLE module tutorials

The Chrono distribution contains several demos for modeling and simulating ground vehicle systems with the VEHICLE module.

Chrono::Vehicle provides support for both wheeled and tracked vehicles, in a template-based framework. These templates are parameterized models of various vehicles and vehicle subsystems.

In addition to the main library, the VEHICLE module also creates a library of pre-defined VEHICLE models which currently contains:

  • Wheeled vehicle models
    • HMMWV: off-road 4-wheel vehicle
    • Sedan: genric passenger car
    • Citybus: passenger bus
    • UAZ: minibus model of the UAZ-452 vehicle
    • M-role: multi-purpose wheeled vehicle model
    • MAN: truck models (3 different variants: 5t, 7t, and 10t)
    • Kraz: semi-trailer truck model
    • FMTV: models of trucks from the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles
    • Gator: small utility vehicle model
    • RC: remote-controlled vehicle model
  • Tracked vehicle models
    • M113: M113 tracked vehicle
    • Marder: Marder tracked vehicle

Selected vehicle demos:

  • demo_VEH_HMMWV - off-road 4WD wheeled vehicle (from the Vehicle models library)
  • demo_VEH_HMMWV_DefSoil - wheeled vehicle on SCM deformable terrain (Bekker-Wong-type)
  • demo_VEH_HMMWV_Multicore - wheeled vehicle on granular terrain simulation with the MULTICORE module
  • demo_VEH_M113 - tracked vehicle (from the Vehicle models library)
  • demo_VEH_M113_DefSoil - tracked vehicle on SCM deformable terrain (Bekker-Wong-type)
  • demo_VEH_M113_Multicore - tracked vehicle simulation with the MULTICORE module
  • demo_VEH_SteeringController - using a lateral steering controller for a double-lane change maneuver
  • demo_VEH_CRGTerrain - demonstration of the optional interface to OpenCRG
  • demo_VEH_ArticulatedVehicle - demonstration of extending Chrono::Vehicle (articulated chassis)
  • demo_VEH_TactorTrailer - demonstration of extending Chrono::Vehicle (tractor-trailer vehicle)
  • demo_VEH_TwoCars - demonstration of using multiple vehicles in a single simulation
  • demo_VEH_WheeledJSON - wheeled vehicle defined through JSON specification files
  • demo_VEH_TrackedJSON - tracked vehicle defined through JSON specification files
  • demo_VEH_DeformableSoil - demonstration of location-dependent soil parameters in SCM deformable terrain
  • demo_VEH_MovingPatch - demonstration of the moving patch feature for granular terrain
  • demo_VEH_RigidTerrain - demonstration of using multiple patches for a rigid terrain model
  • demo_VEH_SuspensionTestRig - demonstration of the wheeled vehicle suspension test rig with tire actuation
  • demo_VEH_TireTestRig - demonstration of the single tire test rig
  • demo_VEH_TrackTestRig - demonstration of the tracked vehicle track assembly test rig