chrono::vehicle::ChJoystickAxisIRR Struct Reference


Irrlicht interface to a specific joystick axis and its calibration data.

#include <ChInteractiveDriverIRR.h>

Public Types

enum  Axis {
  AXIS_X = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_X, AXIS_Y = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_Y, AXIS_Z = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_Z, AXIS_R = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_R,
  AXIS_U = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_U, AXIS_V = irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent::AXIS_V, NONE
 Exposes the unnamed enum of irrlicht axes to enforce right values in API usage.

Public Member Functions

double GetValue (const irr::SEvent::SJoystickEvent &joystickEvent)
 Get value from joystick event (if triggered by this axis).
void Read (rapidjson::Document &d, const std::string &elementName, bool dbg_print)
 Read axis configuration from JSON file.

Public Attributes

int id
 controller ID
Axis axis
 controller axis
std::string name
 axis name
double min
double max
 input range
double scaled_min
double scaled_max
 output range
double value
 current output value

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