chrono::vsg3d::ChGuiComponentVSG Class Referenceabstract


Base class for a GUI component for the VSG run-time visualization system.

#include <ChGuiComponentVSG.h>

Inherited by chrono::fsi::FSIStatsVSG, chrono::vehicle::ChVehicleGuiComponentVSG, chrono::vsg3d::ChBaseGuiComponentVSG, chrono::vsg3d::ChCameraGuiComponentVSG, and chrono::vsg3d::ChColorbarGuiComponentVSG.

Public Member Functions

virtual void render ()=0
 Specify the ImGui elements to be rendered for this GUI component.
void SetVisibility (bool visible)
 Set visibility for this GUI component.
void ToggleVisibility ()
 Toggle GUI visibility for this GUI component.
bool IsVisible () const
 Return boolean indicating whether or not this GUI component visible.

Protected Attributes

bool m_visible

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