chrono::sensor::ChGyroscopeSensor Class Reference


Gyroscope class.

The data is collected from the physical quantities computed for the parent object accounting for the offset pose. This sensor operates in lock-step with the Chrono simulation.

#include <ChIMUSensor.h>

Inherits chrono::sensor::ChDynamicSensor.

Public Member Functions

 ChGyroscopeSensor (std::shared_ptr< chrono::ChBody > parent, float updateRate, chrono::ChFrame< double > offsetPose, std::shared_ptr< ChNoiseModel > noise_model)
 Class constructor for a gyroscope. More...
 ~ChGyroscopeSensor ()
 Class destructor.
virtual void PushKeyFrame ()
virtual void ClearKeyFrames ()


class ChFilterGyroscopeUpdate

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChGyroscopeSensor()

CH_SENSOR_API chrono::sensor::ChGyroscopeSensor::ChGyroscopeSensor ( std::shared_ptr< chrono::ChBody parent,
float  updateRate,
chrono::ChFrame< double >  offsetPose,
std::shared_ptr< ChNoiseModel noise_model 

Class constructor for a gyroscope.

parentBody to which the sensor is attached.
updateRateRate at which the sensor should update.
offsetPoseRelative position and orientation of the sensor with respect to its parent object.
noise_modelNoise model for the sensor to use when augmentating data

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