chrono::ros::ChROSManager Class Reference


Managers the ROS handlers and their registration/updates.

#include <ChROSManager.h>

Public Member Functions

 ChROSManager (const std::string &node_name="chrono_ros_node")
 Constructor for the ChROSManager creates a single ChROSInterface. More...
void Initialize ()
 Initialize the ROS system. Prior to this, rclcpp::init() has not been called.
bool Update (double time, double step)
 Advance all handlers Returns false if rclcpp::ok() returns false.
void RegisterHandler (std::shared_ptr< ChROSHandler > handler)
 Register a new handler.
std::shared_ptr< ChROSInterfaceGetInterface ()
 Get the ChROSInterface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChROSManager()

chrono::ros::ChROSManager::ChROSManager ( const std::string &  node_name = "chrono_ros_node")

Constructor for the ChROSManager creates a single ChROSInterface.

To use multiple ChROSInterfaces, multiple instances of this class should be used. Defaults node name is "chrono_ros_node".

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