Generic renderable triangle mesh.

#include <ChOpenGLMesh.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool Initialize (std::vector< glm::vec3 > &vertices, std::vector< glm::vec3 > &normals, std::vector< glm::vec2 > &texcoords, std::vector< GLuint > &indices, ChOpenGLMaterial mat)
bool Initialize (chrono::ChVisualShapeTriangleMesh *tri_mesh, ChOpenGLMaterial mat)
bool PostInitialize ()
void Update (std::vector< glm::mat4 > &model)
virtual void Draw (const glm::mat4 &projection, const glm::mat4 &view) override
virtual void TakeDown () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::opengl::ChOpenGLObject
bool Initialize ()
bool PostGLInitialize (const GLvoid *ptr, GLsizeiptr size)
void AttachShader (ChOpenGLShader *new_shader)
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::opengl::ChOpenGLBase
bool GLReturnedError (const char *s)

Protected Types

typedef ChOpenGLObject super

Protected Attributes

std::vector< ChOpenGLVertexAttributesPN > data
glm::vec3 ambient
glm::vec3 specular
glm::vec3 diffuse
int size
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::opengl::ChOpenGLObject
GLuint vertex_array_handle
GLuint vertex_data_handle
GLuint vertex_element_handle
GLuint vertex_ambient_handle
GLuint vertex_diffuse_handle
GLuint vertex_specular_handle
GLuint vertex_model_handle
std::vector< GLuint > vertex_indices

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