chrono::opengl::ChOpenGLCamera Class Reference


OpenGL camera class.

#include <ChOpenGLCamera.h>

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Public Member Functions

void TakeDown ()
void Reset ()
void Update ()
void Move (CameraDirection dir)
void ChangePitch (float degrees)
void ChangeHeading (float degrees)
void Move2D (int x, int y)
void SetMode (CameraType cam_mode)
void SetPosition (glm::vec3 pos)
void SetLookAt (glm::vec3 pos)
void SetFOV (double fov)
void SetViewport (int loc_x, int loc_y, int width, int height)
void SetClipping (double near_clip_distance, double far_clip_distance)
void SetDistance (double cam_dist)
void SetPos (int button, int state, int x, int y)
CameraType GetMode ()
void GetViewport (int &loc_x, int &loc_y, int &width, int &height)
void GetMatricies (glm::mat4 &P, glm::mat4 &V, glm::mat4 &M)

Public Attributes

CameraType camera_mode
int viewport_x
int viewport_y
int window_width
int window_height
double aspect
double field_of_view
double near_clip
double far_clip
float camera_scale
float camera_heading
float camera_pitch
float camera_mouse_scale
float max_pitch_rate
float max_heading_rate
bool move_camera
glm::vec3 camera_position
glm::vec3 camera_position_delta
glm::vec3 camera_look_at
glm::vec3 camera_direction
glm::vec3 camera_up
glm::quat rotation_quaternion
glm::vec3 mouse_position
glm::mat4 projection
glm::mat4 view
glm::mat4 model
glm::mat4 MVP

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