chrono::ChStreamOutAsciiVector Class Reference


Specialized class for ASCII output to wrapped std::vector<char>.

#include <ChStream.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChStreamOutAsciiVector (std::vector< char > *mchars)
virtual bool End_of_stream () const override
 Returns true if end of stream (end of vector) reached.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChStreamVectorWrapper
 ChStreamVectorWrapper (std::vector< char > *mchars)
 Creates a wrapper for an already existing std::vector<char>, given the pointer to that vector.
virtual ~ChStreamVectorWrapper ()
 Deleting this wrapper does not delete nor closes the wrapped buffer.
virtual void Read (char *data, size_t n)
 Reads from vector, up to n chars. More...
virtual void Write (const char *data, size_t n)
 Writes raw data to vector, up to n chars. More...
std::vector< char > * GetVector ()
 Direct reference to std::vector<char> encapsulated here.
void Seek (int position)
 Rewind read position to char number (0= beginning). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChStreamOutAscii
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (bool bVal)
 Generic << operator for all classes which implement serialization by means of a method named 'void StreamOut(ChStreamOutAscii&)'.
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (char tch)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (const int nVal)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (const double dVal)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (const float fVal)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (unsigned int unVal)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (char *str)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (const char *str)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (const std::string &str)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (unsigned long unVal)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (unsigned long long unVal)
template<class T >
ChStreamOutAsciioperator< (T obj)
 OBSOLETE use ChArchive << operator and ArchiveOut()
virtual void Format (char *formatString,...)
 Output the log message in form of a formatted string, like in printf().
void SetNumFormat (const char *mf)
 Set the formatting string (ex "%f" or "%g" etc.) for float->text conversion.
char * GetNumFormat ()
void SetCommentTrailer (char *mt)
 Set the trailer symbol before each comment (example: "#" , or "//").
void CR ()
 Outputs carriage return.
void TAB ()
 Output tab.
void Comment (char m_string[])
 Output comment with preceding trailer (e.g., #).
void Bar ()
 Output a separation bar in ASCII file.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from chrono::ChStream
 [Obsolete] Modes for chrono files (the ch-modes). More...
 Errors for chrono files (the ch-modes). More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::ChStreamOutAscii
char number_format [10]
char comment_trailer [10]

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