Base class for iterative solvers.

Provides basic settings, common to both linear and complementarity iterative solvers.

#include <ChIterativeSolver.h>

Inheritance diagram for chrono::ChIterativeSolver:

Public Member Functions

virtual void SetMaxIterations (int max_iterations)
 Set the maximum number of iterations.
void SetTolerance (double tolerance)
 Set the tolerance threshold used by the stopping criteria.
void EnableDiagonalPreconditioner (bool val)
 Enable/disable use of a simple diagonal preconditioner (default: true). More...
void EnableWarmStart (bool val)
 Enable/disable warm starting by providing an initial guess (default: false). More...
int GetMaxIterations () const
 Get the current maximum number of iterations.
double GetTolerance () const
 Get the current tolerance value.
virtual int GetIterations () const =0
 Return the number of iterations performed during the last solve.
virtual double GetError () const =0
 Return the tolerance error reached during the last solve.

Protected Member Functions

 ChIterativeSolver (int max_iterations, double tolerance, bool use_precond, bool warm_start)
void WriteMatrices (ChSystemDescriptor &sysd, bool one_indexed=true)
double CheckSolution (ChSystemDescriptor &sysd, const ChVectorDynamic<> &x)

Protected Attributes

bool m_use_precond
 use diagonal preconditioning?
bool m_warm_start
 use initial guesss?
int m_max_iterations
 maximum number of iterations
double m_tolerance
 tolerance threshold in stopping criteria


class ChSystem

Member Function Documentation

◆ EnableDiagonalPreconditioner()

void chrono::ChIterativeSolver::EnableDiagonalPreconditioner ( bool  val)

Enable/disable use of a simple diagonal preconditioner (default: true).

If enabled, solver that support this feature will use the diagonal of the system matrix for preconditioning.

◆ EnableWarmStart()

void chrono::ChIterativeSolver::EnableWarmStart ( bool  val)

Enable/disable warm starting by providing an initial guess (default: false).

If enabled, the solvers use as an initial guess the current values for [x; -lambda].
ATTENTION: enable this option only if using the Euler implicit linearized integrator!

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