Geometric model for the custom multicore Chrono collision system.

#include <ChCollisionModelMulticore.h>

Inherits chrono::ChCollisionModelImpl.

Collaboration diagram for chrono::ChCollisionModelMulticore:

Public Member Functions

 ChCollisionModelMulticore (ChCollisionModel *collision_model)
virtual void SyncPosition () override
 Sets the position and orientation of the collision model as the rigid body current position.
ChBodyGetBody () const
 Return a pointer to the associated body.
void SetBody (ChBody *body)
 Set the pointer to the owner rigid body.
virtual ChAABB GetBoundingBox () const override
 Return the axis aligned bounding box for this collision model.

Public Attributes

std::vector< real3local_convex_data
ChVector3d aabb_min
ChVector3d aabb_max

Protected Member Functions

void Populate ()
 Populate the collision system with the collision shapes defined in this model.
virtual void OnFamilyChange (short int family_group, short int family_mask) override
 Additional operations to be performed on a change in collision family.

Protected Attributes

 associated contactable (rigid body only)
std::vector< std::shared_ptr< ctCollisionShape > > m_ct_shapes
 list of Chrono collision shapes in model
std::vector< std::shared_ptr< ChCollisionShape > > m_shapes
 extended list of collision shapes


class ChCollisionSystemMulticore
class ChCollisionSystemChronoMulticore
class ChContactContainerMulticoreNSC
class ChContactContainerMulticoreSMC

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