This module enables:

  • importing models from description files
    • URDF (requires external library)
    • OpenSim
    • Adams
    • custom input for robots
  • the interaction with Python language (requires Python interpreter)

On the contrary, the import of finite elements comes through the ChMeshFileLoader class, available in the main Chrono library (so no need for the PARSERS module).
This class enables the import of Abaqus, TetGen, GMF (LS-DYNA) or generic OBJ files, but only for very specific elements and shall not be considered a full-fledged FE import tool.

Python Engine (is not PyChrono)

The ChPythonEngine class allows to run Python code directly from C++ and to interact with it, also exchanging data from/to variables.
It should not be confused with PyChrono that is a completely stand-alone Python library that wraps Chrono C++ code.

Through this class the user can also import models exported from SolidWorks to Python, by means of the method ChPythonEngine::ImportSolidWorksSystem(). Please refer to the Chrono::SolidWorks reference manual for additional information. Please just be aware that this is not the only way to import SolidWorks models.

Demo about generic Python interaction: demo_PARSER_Python.cpp

Install guide