chrono::synchrono::SynEnvironmentAgent::LaneData Struct Reference


It defines the traffic light color and schedule for one lane.

#include <SynEnvironmentAgent.h>

Public Attributes

int intersection
int approach
int lane_number
LaneColor color
 Current traffic light color of the lane.
std::vector< double > schedule
 The schedule of the traffic light. More...
int current_schedule
 Current position in the schedule vector . More...
double time_to_change
 When the color should change to the next one.

Member Data Documentation

◆ current_schedule

int chrono::synchrono::SynEnvironmentAgent::LaneData::current_schedule

Current position in the schedule vector .

If the schedule vector is exhausted, will start over from position 0;

◆ schedule

std::vector<double> chrono::synchrono::SynEnvironmentAgent::LaneData::schedule

The schedule of the traffic light.

How many seconds until it changes to the next color. The color will always follow a RED GREEN YELLOW RED schedule

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