chrono::synchrono::SCMParameters Struct Reference


Groups SCM parameters into a struct, defines some useful defaults See SCMDeformableTerrain::SetSoilParameters and SoilParametersCallback for more details on these.

#include <SynSCMTerrainAgent.h>

Public Member Functions

void SetParameters (double Bekker_Kphi, double Bekker_Kc, double Bekker_n, double Mohr_cohesion, double Mohr_friction, double Janosi_shear, double elastic_K, double damping_R)
void InitializeParametersAsSoft ()
void InitializeParametersAsMid ()
void InitializeParametersAsHard ()

Public Attributes

double m_Bekker_Kphi
 Kphi, frictional modulus in Bekker model.
double m_Bekker_Kc
 Kc, cohesive modulus in Bekker model.
double m_Bekker_n
 n, exponent of sinkage in Bekker model (usually 0.6...1.8)
double m_Mohr_cohesion
 Cohesion for shear failure [Pa].
double m_Mohr_friction
 Friction angle for shear failure [degree].
double m_Janosi_shear
 Shear parameter in Janosi-Hanamoto formula [m].
double m_elastic_K
 elastic stiffness K per unit area, [Pa/m] (must be larger than Kphi)
double m_damping_R
 vertical damping R per unit area [Pa.s/m] (proportional to vertical speed)

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