chrono::gpu::BC_params_t< T, T3 > Struct Template Reference


template<typename T, typename T3>
struct chrono::gpu::BC_params_t< T, T3 >

big enum to handle all possible boundary conditions

#include <ChGpuBoundaryConditions.h>

Public Attributes

bool active
 Is this boundary condition active?
bool fixed
 Is the boundary condition fixed in space?
bool track_forces
 Whether or not to track reaction forces.
float3 reaction_forces
float3 vel_SU
 velocity in SU if the motion is being prescribed
union {
   Sphere_BC_params_t< T, T3 >   sphere_params
   Z_Cone_BC_params_t< T, T3 >   cone_params
   Plate_BC_params_t< T3 >   plate_params
   Plane_BC_params_t< T3 >   plane_params
   Z_Cylinder_BC_params_t< T, T3 >   cyl_params

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