ContextParameters Struct Reference


Parameters associated with the entire optix scene.

#include <ChOptixDefinitions.h>

Collaboration diagram for ContextParameters:

Public Attributes

 device pointer to set of point lights in the scene
int num_lights
 the number of point lights in the scene
float3 ambient_light_color
 the ambient light color and intensity
float3 fog_color
 color of fog in the scene
float fog_scattering
 scattering coefficient of fog in the scene
int max_depth
 maximum traversable depth
float scene_epsilon
 an epsilon value used for detecting self intersections
float importance_cutoff
 mimumum value before killing rays
OptixTraversableHandle root
 a handle to the root node in the scene
 device pointer to list of materials to use for shading
 device pointer to list of meshes for instancing

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