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double chrono::synchrono::DistanceToLine (ChVector<> p, ChVector<> l1, ChVector<> l2)
bool chrono::synchrono::IsInsideBox (ChVector<> pos, ChVector<> front, ChVector<> back, double width)
 front, back and width define a box, check if pos is inside that box More...
bool chrono::synchrono::IsInsideQuad (ChVector<> pos, ChVector<> sp1, ChVector<> sp2, ChVector<> cp3, ChVector<> cp4)
 Checks if pos is inside the (assumed convex) quadrilateral defined by vectors for each vertex.
void chrono::synchrono::Barycentric (ChVector<> p, ChVector<> a, ChVector<> b, ChVector<> c, double &u, double &v, double &w)
 Compute barycentric coordinates (u, v, w) for point p with respect to triangle (a, b, c)
void chrono::synchrono::UpdateLaneInfoFromMAP (std::shared_ptr< SynMessage > synmsg, ChVector<> veh_pos, const int &rank, bool &inside_box, int &current_lane, int &current_approach, int &current_intersection, double &dist)
 update inside_box, dist and current_* variables based on info from a MAP message More...
void chrono::synchrono::UpdateInsideBoxFromApproachMessage (std::shared_ptr< SynApproachMessage > app_msg, ChVector<> veh_pos, int &current_lane, bool &inside_box, double &dist)
 update current_lane, inside_box and dist based on info from an Approach Message
void chrono::synchrono::UpdateInsideBoxFromMessage (std::shared_ptr< SynMessage > synmsg, ChVector<> veh_pos, int &current_lane, bool &inside_box, double &dist)
 calls UpdateInsideBoxFromApproachMessage
LaneColor chrono::synchrono::GetLaneColorFromMessage (std::shared_ptr< SynMessage > synmsg, const int intersection, const int approach, const int lane)
 Given an intersection, approach and lane, parse a SPAT message (synmsg) and return the lane color.

Function Documentation

◆ DistanceToLine()

double chrono::synchrono::DistanceToLine ( ChVector<>  p,
ChVector<>  l1,
ChVector<>  l2 
ppoint that the distance is computed from
l1one end of the line
l2other end of the line

◆ IsInsideBox()

bool chrono::synchrono::IsInsideBox ( ChVector<>  pos,
ChVector<>  front,
ChVector<>  back,
double  width 

front, back and width define a box, check if pos is inside that box

posvector position to be checked against the box
frontvector position, line between this and back divides the box into two rectangles
backvector defining the back center of the box rectangle
widthi.e. box_area = width * (front - back).length

◆ UpdateLaneInfoFromMAP()

void chrono::synchrono::UpdateLaneInfoFromMAP ( std::shared_ptr< SynMessage synmsg,
ChVector<>  veh_pos,
const int &  rank,
bool &  inside_box,
int &  current_lane,
int &  current_approach,
int &  current_intersection,
double &  dist 

update inside_box, dist and current_* variables based on info from a MAP message

synmsgmust be castable to type SynMAPMessage
veh_poscurrent GREF vector location of the vehicle
rankof the vehicle we are checking
[in,out]inside_boxwhether the vehicle was in the stopping box for this particular lane
[in,out]current_laneif we're in a box, which lane that belonged to
[in,out]current_approachif we're in a box, which approach that belonged to
[in,out]current_intersectionif we're in a box, which intersection that belonged to
[in,out]distif vehicle is in box, how far is the vehicle from the box's stopping point (front of the box)