chrono::utils::MixtureIngredient Class Reference


Encapsulation of an ingredient of one of the supported types in a mixture.

Such an object defines size, mass properties and material properties for, all of which can be constant for all mixture components of this type or else obtained from associated truncated normal distributions. In addition, a mixture ingredient defines the ratio of this particular type in the containing mixture.

#include <ChUtilsGenerators.h>


class  AddBodyCallback
 Class to be used as a callback interface for some user-defined action to be taken each time the generator creates and adds a body based on this mixture ingredient to the system. More...

Public Member Functions

 MixtureIngredient (Generator *generator, MixtureType type, double ratio)
void setDefaultMaterial (std::shared_ptr< ChMaterialSurface > mat)
void setDefaultDensity (double density)
void setDefaultSize (const ChVector<> &size)
void setDistributionFriction (float friction_mean, float friction_stddev, float friction_min, float friction_max)
void setDistributionCohesion (float cohesion_mean, float cohesion_stddev, float cohesion_min, float cohesion_max)
void setDistributionYoung (float young_mean, float young_stddev, float young_min, float young_max)
void setDistributionPoisson (float poisson_mean, float poisson_stddev, float poisson_min, float poisson_max)
void setDistributionRestitution (float restitution_mean, float restitution_stddev, float restitution_min, float restitution_max)
void setDistributionDensity (double density_mean, double density_stddev, double density_min, double density_max)
void setDistributionSize (double size_mean, double size_stddev, const ChVector<> &size_min, const ChVector<> &size_max)
void RegisterAddBodyCallback (std::shared_ptr< AddBodyCallback > callback)
 Specify a callback object to be used each time a body is generated using this mixture ingredient specification.


class Generator

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