Base class for sockets.

Sockets have at least an ID and a port. The more specialized ChSocketTCP must be used in applications.

#include <ChSocket.h>

Inheritance diagram for chrono::utils::ChSocket:

Public Member Functions

 ChSocket (int)
void setDebug (int)
void setReuseAddr (int)
void setKeepAlive (int)
void setLingerOnOff (bool)
void setLingerSeconds (int)
void setSocketBlocking (int)
void setSendBufSize (int)
void setReceiveBufSize (int)
int getDebug ()
int getReuseAddr ()
int getKeepAlive ()
int getSendBufSize ()
int getReceiveBufSize ()
int getSocketBlocking ()
int getLingerSeconds ()
bool getLingerOnOff ()
int getSocketId ()
int getPortNumber ()

Protected Member Functions

void setSocketId (int socketFd)

Protected Attributes

int portNumber
int socketId
int blocking
int bindFlag
struct sockaddr_in clientAddr


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, ChSocket &)

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