chrono::utils::ChISO2631_Shock_SeatCushionLogger Class Reference


Easy to use class for evaluation of ISO 2361-5 shock load on sitting vehicle occupants.

Input: 3 seat accelerations x,y,z in [m/s^2]. Sample rate of the input signal should be >= 250 Hz (i.e., step <= 1/250 s). Internal filtering works with 160 Hz sample rate as demanded by ISO 2631-5. Downsampling is done automatically antialiasing included

#include <ChFilters.h>

Public Member Functions

 ChISO2631_Shock_SeatCushionLogger (double step)
void Config (double step)
void AddData (double acc_x, double acc_y, double acc_z)
void AddData (ChVector<> &acc_v)
void Reset ()
double GetSe ()
double GetLegacyAz ()

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