chrono::modal::ChModalDampingRayleigh Class Reference


Class for simple Rayleigh damping model R^ = alpha*M^ + beta*K^ where M^ and K^ are the reduced matrices, both for boundary nodes and modal coords.

#include <ChModalDamping.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChModalDampingRayleigh (double malpha, double mbeta)
 Construct from the two coefficients in R^ = alpha*M^ + beta*K^.
virtual void ComputeR (ChModalAssembly &assembly, const ChMatrixDynamic<> &modal_M, const ChMatrixDynamic<> &modal_K, const ChMatrixDynamic<> &Psi, ChMatrixDynamic<> &modal_R) const

Public Attributes

double alpha = 0
double beta = 0

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