Class for FSI properties and functions.

#include <ChFsiGeneral.h>

Inheritance diagram for chrono::fsi::ChFsiGeneral:

Public Member Functions

 ChFsiGeneral (std::shared_ptr< SimParams > hostParams, std::shared_ptr< ChCounters > hostNumObjects)
 Constructor for the ChFsiGeneral class. More...
virtual ~ChFsiGeneral ()
 Destructor of the ChFsiGeneral class.
void computeGridSize (uint n, uint blockSize, uint &numBlocks, uint &numThreads)
 Compute number of blocks and threads for calculation on GPU. More...

Protected Member Functions

uint iDivUp (uint a, uint b)
 Return a/b or a/b + 1.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChFsiGeneral()

chrono::fsi::ChFsiGeneral::ChFsiGeneral ( std::shared_ptr< SimParams hostParams,
std::shared_ptr< ChCounters hostNumObjects 

Constructor for the ChFsiGeneral class.

hostParamsSimulation parameters on host
hostNumObjectsCounters of objects and markers

Member Function Documentation

◆ computeGridSize()

void chrono::fsi::ChFsiGeneral::computeGridSize ( uint  n,
uint  blockSize,
uint numBlocks,
uint numThreads 

Compute number of blocks and threads for calculation on GPU.

This function calculates the number of blocks and threads for a given number of elements based on the blockSize

nTotal num elements
blockSizeBlockSize Number of threads per block
numBlocksnumBlocks (output)
numThreadsnumThreads (output)

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