chrono::ChStreamOutBinaryStream Class Reference


This is a specialized class for BINARY output to wrapped std::ostream,.

#include <ChStream.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChStreamOutBinaryStream (std::ostream *mfile)
virtual bool End_of_stream () const override
 Returns true if end of stream reached.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChStreamOstreamWrapper
 ChStreamOstreamWrapper (std::ostream *mfile)
 Creates a wrapper for an already existing, already opened, ostream, given the pointer to that ostream.
virtual ~ChStreamOstreamWrapper ()
 Deleting this stream wrapper does not delete nor closes the wrapped ostream!
virtual void Write (const char *data, size_t n)
 Writes raw data to file, up to n chars. More...
std::ostream * GetOstream () const
 Reference to ostream encapsulated here.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChStreamOutBinary
template<class T >
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator< (T &obj)
 Generic << operator for all classes which implement serialization by means of a method named 'void StreamOUT(ChStreamOutBinary&)' OBSOLETE use ChArchive << operator and ArchiveOUT()
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (char Val)
 Specialized operators for basic primitives (numbers like long, double, int. More...
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (bool Val)
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (int Val)
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (unsigned int Val)
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (double Val)
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (float Val)
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (std::string &str)
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (long Val)
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (unsigned long Val)
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (unsigned long long Val)
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (const char *str)
 Specialized operator for C strings.
ChStreamOutBinaryoperator<< (char *str)
template<class T >
void GenericBinaryOutput (T &ogg)
 Generic operator for binary streaming of generic objects. More...
template<class t >
t * AbstractWrite (t *pObj)
 Stores an object, given the pointer, into the archive. More...
template<class t >
t * AbstractWriteAll (t *pObj)
 Stores an object, given the pointer, into the archive. More...
void VersionWrite (int mver)
 Some objects may write class version at the beginning of the streamed data, using this function.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChBinaryArchive
bool IsBigEndianMachine ()
 Returns true if the machine where the code runs has big endian byte ordering, returns false otherwise.
void Init ()
 Reinitialize the vector of pointers to loaded/saved objects.
int PutPointer (void *object)
 Put a pointer in pointer vector, but only if it was not previously inserted. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from chrono::ChStream
 Modes for chrono files (the ch-modes) - obsolete -. More...
 Errors for chrono files (the ch-modes) More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::ChBinaryArchive
bool big_endian_machine
std::vector< void * > objects_pointers
 vector of pointers to stored/retrieved objects, to avoid saving duplicates or deadlocks

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