Class for postScript(TM) output.

Defines special file class ChFile_ps for EPS or PS output, i.e. Encapsulated PostScript or PostScript (TM) files including vectorial plots, graphs, lines, fonts, etc.

#include <ChFilePS.h>

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Public Types

enum  Justification { LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER }
enum  Space { PAGE, GRAPH }
- Public Types inherited from chrono::ChStream
 Modes for chrono files (the ch-modes) - obsolete -. More...
 Errors for chrono files (the ch-modes) More...

Public Member Functions

 ChFile_ps (char *m_name, double x=1, double y=1, double w=20, double h=29, char *m_prolog_file=(char *)"")
 Constructor, with optional position and size of bounding box.
 ~ChFile_ps ()
 Destructor. Write trailer to PS file and close it.
const ChVector2Get_G_p () const
 Get viewport position of left-lower graph corner, in page space.
const ChVector2Get_Gs_p () const
 Get viewport width/height of graph, in page space.
const ChVector2Get_Gc_g () const
 Get viewport center, in 2d graph space;.
const ChVector2Get_Gz () const
 Get viewport graph zoom factor:
void Set_G_p (ChVector2<> mv)
 Set viewport position of left-lower graph corner, in page space.
void Set_Gs_p (ChVector2<> mv)
 Set viewport width/height of graph, in page space.
void Set_Gc_g (ChVector2<> mv)
 Set viewport center, in 2d graph space;.
void Set_Gz (double mz)
 Set viewport graph zoom factor:
void Set_Gz (ChVector2<> mz)
 Set viewport graph zoom factor:
void Set_ZoomPan_by_fit (double Xgmin, double Xgmax, double Ygmin, double Ygmax)
 Set viewport zoom and pan (center) given the max/min extension in graph space.
ChVector2 To_page_from_graph (ChVector2<> mv_g) const
 Transform position from 'page space' to 'graph viewport space'.
ChVector2 To_graph_from_page (ChVector2<> mv_p) const
 Transform position from 'graph viewport space' to 'page space',.
ChVector2 TransPt (ChVector2<> mfrom, Space space) const
void SetGray (double mf)
 Sets the gray level of next drawn item, 0..1.
void SetWidth (double mf)
 Sets the width of next drawn line.
void SetLinecap (double mf)
 Sets the linecap.
void SetRGB (double r, double g, double b)
 Sets the RGB color of next drawn item.
void SetRGB (ChFile_ps_color mc)
 Sets the color of next drawn item.
void SetFont (char *name, double size)
 Sets the font of next drawn text (note: must use PS embedded fonts like "Times-Roman", etc.)
void CustomPsCommand (char *command)
void MoveTo (ChVector2<> mp)
void StartLine ()
void AddLinePoint (ChVector2<> mp)
void CloseLine ()
void PaintStroke ()
void PaintFill ()
void Clip ()
void GrSave ()
void GrRestore ()
void DrawPoint (ChVector2<> mfrom, Space space)
 Draws a single "dot" point,.
void DrawLine (ChVector2<> mfrom, ChVector2<> mto, Space space)
 Draws line from point to point,.
void DrawRectangle (ChVector2<> mfrom, ChVector2<> mwh, Space space, bool filled)
 Draws rectangle from point to point.
void ClipRectangle (ChVector2<> mfrom, ChVector2<> mwh, Space space)
 Sets clip rectangle draw region, from point to point (remember GrSave() and GrRestore() before and later..)
void ClipToGraph ()
 Sets clip rectangle as graph region (remember GrSave() and GrRestore() before and later..)
void DrawText (ChVector2<> mfrom, char *string, Space space, Justification justified=Justification::LEFT)
 Draw text at given position.
void DrawText (ChVector2<> mfrom, double number, Space space, Justification justified=Justification::LEFT)
 Draw number at given position.
void DrawGraphAxes (ChFile_ps_graph_setting *msetting)
 Draw the x/y axes for the graph viewport.
void DrawGraphXY (const ChArray<> &Yvalues, const ChArray<> &Xvalues)
 Draw a line into graph viewport, where the xy coords are stored in two separate arrays:
void DrawGraphXY (const ChArray<> &Yvalues, double Xfrom, double Xstep)
 Draw a line into graph viewport, where the y coords are into an array and x coords run form Xfrom... More...
void DrawGraphLabel (double dx, double dy, double fontsize, char *label, int dolinesample, bool background=true, double backwidth=3.0, ChFile_ps_color bkgndcolor=ChFile_ps_color::WHITE)
 Draws a text label (with "fontsize" size) with potion relative to low-left corner of graph. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChStreamOutAsciiFile
 ChStreamOutAsciiFile (const char *filename, std::ios::openmode mmode=std::ios::trunc)
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChStreamFile
 ChStreamFile (const char *filename, std::ios::openmode mmode)
 Creates a system file, like the C++ fstream, and opens it, given filename on disk, and the opening mode (ex: std::ios::out or std::ios::in)
virtual ~ChStreamFile ()
 Destruction means that the file stream is also closed.
virtual void Flush ()
 Synchronizes the associated stream buffer with its controlled output sequence.
virtual void Write (const char *data, size_t n)
 Writes to file, up to n chars. More...
virtual void Read (char *data, size_t n)
 Reads from file, up to n chars. More...
virtual bool End_of_stream () const
 Returns true if end of stream reached.
std::fstream & GetFstream ()
 Reference to fstream encapsulated here.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChStreamOutAscii
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (bool bVal)
 Generic << operator for all classes which implement serialization by means of a method named 'void StreamOUT(ChStreamOutAscii&)'.
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (char tch)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (const int nVal)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (const double dVal)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (const float dVal)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (unsigned int unVal)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (char *str)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (const char *str)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (std::string &str)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (unsigned long unVal)
ChStreamOutAsciioperator<< (unsigned long long unVal)
template<class T >
ChStreamOutAsciioperator< (T obj)
 OBSOLETE use ChArchive << operator and ArchiveOUT()
virtual void Format (char *formatString,...)
 Output the log message in form of a formatted string, like in printf()
void SetNumFormat (const char *mf)
 Set the formatting string (ex "%f" or "%g" etc.) for float->text conversion.
char * GetNumFormat ()
void SetCommentTrailer (char *mt)
 Set the trailer symbol before each comment (example: "#" , or "//" etc.)
void CR ()
 Outputs carriage return.
void TAB ()
 Output tab.
void Comment (char m_string[])
 Output comment with preceding trailer (ex #)
void Bar ()
 Output a separation bar in Ascii file.

Static Public Attributes

static const double PS_SCALE_CENTIMETERS = 28.3476
static const double PS_SCALE_INCHES = 72.0

Protected Attributes

double unit_scale
ChVector2 page_size
ChVector2 G_p
ChVector2 Gs_p
ChVector2 Gc_g
ChVector2 Gz
char prolog_file [150]
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::ChStreamOutAscii
char number_format [10]
char comment_trailer [10]

Additional Inherited Members

Member Function Documentation

◆ DrawGraphLabel()

void chrono::ChFile_ps::DrawGraphLabel ( double  dx,
double  dy,
double  fontsize,
char *  label,
int  dolinesample,
bool  background = true,
double  backwidth = 3.0,
ChFile_ps_color  bkgndcolor = ChFile_ps_color::WHITE 

Draws a text label (with "fontsize" size) with potion relative to low-left corner of graph.

If "dolinesample= true", also draws a little horizontal sample of line with current width/color on the left of the label.

◆ DrawGraphXY()

void chrono::ChFile_ps::DrawGraphXY ( const ChArray<> &  Yvalues,
double  Xfrom,
double  Xstep 

Draw a line into graph viewport, where the y coords are into an array and x coords run form Xfrom...

with steps Xsteps-

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