chrono::ChDefaultContactForceSMC Class Reference


Default implementation of the SMC normal and tangential force calculation.

#include <ChContactSMC.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ChVector CalculateForce (const ChSystemSMC &sys, const ChVector<> &normal_dir, const ChVector<> &p1, const ChVector<> &p2, const ChVector<> &vel1, const ChVector<> &vel2, const ChMaterialCompositeSMC &mat, double delta, double eff_radius, double mass1, double mass2) const override
 Default SMC force calculation algorithm. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ CalculateForce()

virtual ChVector chrono::ChDefaultContactForceSMC::CalculateForce ( const ChSystemSMC sys,
const ChVector<> &  normal_dir,
const ChVector<> &  p1,
const ChVector<> &  p2,
const ChVector<> &  vel1,
const ChVector<> &  vel2,
const ChMaterialCompositeSMC mat,
double  delta,
double  eff_radius,
double  mass1,
double  mass2 
) const

Default SMC force calculation algorithm.

This implementation depends on various settings specified at the ChSystemSMC level (such as normal force model, tangential force model, use of material physical properties, etc).

syscontaining system
normal_dirnormal contact direction (expressed in global frame)
p1most penetrated point on obj1 (expressed in global frame)
p2most penetrated point on obj2 (expressed in global frame)
vel1velocity of contact point on obj1 (expressed in global frame)
vel2velocity of contact point on obj2 (expressed in global frame)
matcomposite material for contact pair
deltaoverlap in normal direction
eff_radiuseffective radius of curvature at contact
mass1mass of obj1
mass2mass of obj2

Implements chrono::ChSystemSMC::ChContactForceSMC.

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