chrono::cosimul Namespace Reference


Namespace with classes for the cosimulation module.


class  ChCosimulation
 Class for cosimulation interface. More...
class  ChExceptionSocket
 Class for exceptions that are thrown by TCP socket connections, used for example when connecting with other sw for cosimulation. More...
class  ChHostInfo
 Class for storing information about a TCP host in socket communication, ex with an IP address. More...
class  ChSocket
 Base class for sockets. More...
class  ChSocketFramework
 A single object of this class must be instantiated before using all classes related to sockets, because it initializes some platform-specific settings. More...
class  ChSocketTCP
 This is a specialized type of socket: the TCP socket. More...


enum  hostType { NAME, ADDRESS }


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &io, ChSocket &s)


const int HOST_NAME_LENGTH = 64
const int MSG_HEADER_LEN = 6
const int MAX_RECV_LEN = 8096
const int MAX_MSG_LEN = 1024
const int PORTNUM = 1200