chrono::vehicle::SCMDeformableTerrain::SoilParametersCallback Class Referenceabstract


Class to be used as a callback interface for location-dependent soil parameters.

A derived class must implement Set() and set all soil parameters (no defaults are provided).

#include <SCMDeformableTerrain.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void Set (const ChVector<> &loc, double &Bekker_Kphi, double &Bekker_Kc, double &Bekker_n, double &Mohr_cohesion, double &Mohr_friction, double &Janosi_shear, double &elastic_K, double &damping_R)=0
 Set the soil properties at a given (x,y) location (below the given point). More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ Set()

virtual void chrono::vehicle::SCMDeformableTerrain::SoilParametersCallback::Set ( const ChVector<> &  loc,
double &  Bekker_Kphi,
double &  Bekker_Kc,
double &  Bekker_n,
double &  Mohr_cohesion,
double &  Mohr_friction,
double &  Janosi_shear,
double &  elastic_K,
double &  damping_R 
pure virtual

Set the soil properties at a given (x,y) location (below the given point).

Attention: the location is assumed to be provided in the SCM reference frame!

locquery location
Bekker_Kphifrictional modulus in Bekker model
Bekker_Kccohesive modulus in Bekker model
Bekker_nexponent of sinkage in Bekker model (usually 0.6...1.8)
Mohr_cohesioncohesion for shear failure [Pa]
Mohr_frictionfriction angle for shear failure [degree]
Janosi_shearshear parameter in Janosi-Hanamoto formula [m]
elastic_Kelastic stiffness K per unit area, [Pa/m] (must be larger than Kphi)
damping_Rvertical damping R per unit area [Pa.s/m] (proportional to vertical speed)

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