chrono::opengl::ChOpenGLViewer Class Reference


OpenGL viewer, this class draws the system to the screen and handles input.

#include <ChOpenGLViewer.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChOpenGLViewer (ChSystem *system)
void TakeDown ()
bool Initialize ()
bool Update (double time_step)
void Render (bool render_hud)
void DrawObject (std::shared_ptr< ChBody > abody)
void DisplayHUD (bool render_hud)
void RenderContacts ()
void RenderAABB ()
void RenderGrid ()
void RenderFluid ()
void RenderFEA ()
void RenderPlots ()
void HandleInput (unsigned char key, int x, int y)
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::opengl::ChOpenGLBase
bool GLReturnedError (const char *s)

Public Attributes

glm::ivec2 window_size
glm::ivec2 window_position
glm::ivec2 window_physical_size
double dpi
float window_aspect
int interval
ChOpenGLCamera render_camera
ChOpenGLCamera ortho_camera
ChOpenGLShader main_shader
ChOpenGLShader cloud_shader
ChOpenGLShader dot_shader
ChOpenGLShader sphere_shader
ChOpenGLOBJ sphere
ChOpenGLOBJ box
ChOpenGLOBJ cylinder
ChOpenGLOBJ cone
ChOpenGLCloud cloud
ChOpenGLCloud fluid
ChOpenGLWires grid
ChOpenGLWires mpm_grid
ChOpenGLCloud mpm_node
ChOpenGLCloud fea_nodes
ChOpenGLWires fea_elements
ChOpenGLWires line_path
ChOpenGLContacts contact_renderer
ChOpenGLHUD HUD_renderer
ChOpenGLGraphs graph_renderer
std::vector< glm::vec3 > cloud_data
std::vector< glm::vec3 > fluid_data
std::vector< glm::vec3 > fea_node_data
std::vector< glm::vec3 > fea_element_data
std::vector< glm::vec3 > grid_data
std::vector< glm::vec3 > mpm_grid_data
std::vector< glm::vec3 > mpm_node_data
std::vector< glm::vec3 > line_path_data
int simulation_frame
double simulation_h
double simulation_time
bool pause_sim
bool pause_vis
bool single_step
bool view_contacts
bool view_help
bool view_aabb
bool view_grid
bool view_info
bool use_vsync
RenderMode render_mode
ChTimer timer_render
ChTimer timer_text
ChTimer timer_geometry
glm::mat4 model
glm::mat4 view
glm::mat4 projection
glm::mat4 modelview
double old_time
double current_time
double time_total
double time_text
double time_geometry
double fps
std::vector< glm::mat4 > model_box
std::vector< glm::mat4 > model_sphere
std::vector< glm::mat4 > model_cylinder
std::vector< glm::mat4 > model_cone
std::map< std::string, ChOpenGLMeshobj_files
std::map< std::string, std::vector< glm::mat4 > > model_obj

Member Function Documentation

◆ RenderGrid()

void chrono::opengl::ChOpenGLViewer::RenderGrid ( )


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