chrono::ChLoader Class Referenceabstract


Class for loads applied to a single ChLoadable object.

Loads can be forces, torques, pressures, thermal loads, etc. depending on the loaded ChLoadable object. For example if the load references a ChBody, the load is a wrench (force+torque), for a tetrahedron FE it is a force, etc. Objects of this class must be capable of computing the generalized load Q from the load F.

#include <ChLoader.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void ComputeQ (ChVectorDynamic<> *state_x, ChVectorDynamic<> *state_w)=0
virtual std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableGetLoadable ()=0
virtual bool IsStiff ()

Public Attributes

ChVectorDynamic Q

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComputeQ()

virtual void chrono::ChLoader::ComputeQ ( ChVectorDynamic<> *  state_x,
ChVectorDynamic<> *  state_w 
pure virtual
state_xif != 0, update state (pos. part) to this, then evaluate Q
state_wif != 0, update state (speed part) to this, then evaluate Q

Implemented in chrono::ChLoaderUVWatomic, chrono::ChLoaderUVatomic, chrono::ChLoaderUatomic, chrono::ChLoaderUVWdistributed, chrono::ChLoaderUVdistributed, and chrono::ChLoaderUdistributed.

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