List of FEA nodes

Different types of nodes can be used in the FEA module. In this page you can find a description of their properties.

  • A node in an object with degrees of freedom (xyz, rotations, etc.).
  • There are different types of nodes, some elements require specific types of nodes.
  • Nodes are handled via std::shared_ptr shared pointers: you do not have to worry about deleting them.
  • Add nodes to a mesh using ChMesh::AddNode()


  • 3 coordinates (p, ie. x y z translation in 3D)
  • Ex. Used by solid elements:
    • ChElementTetra_4
    • ChElementTetra_10
    • ChElementHexa_8
    • ChElementHexa_20 etc.


  • 6 coordinates (translation p and rotation in 3D)
  • Note: rotation expressed by quaternions q
  • Ex. used by these elements:
    • ChElementBeamEuler
    • ChElementShellReissner


  • 6 coordinates (p translation and Dx Dy Dz direction)
  • Useful for defining simple beams of cable type, where information about torsion is not useful
  • Ex. used by these elements:
    • ChElementCableANCF
    • ChElementShellANCF


  • 9 coordinates (x y z translations and two directions)
  • Ex. used by these elements:
    • ChElementBeamANCF


  • 1 coordinates (a scalar P, in a 3D space)
  • Used for thermal and electrostatic analysis
  • Ex. used by these elements:
    • ChElementTetra_4_P


Additional information regarding the implementation of finite elements in Chrono can be found at the
whitepapers page.


See demos and examples at the tutorials page.