Chrono SENSOR module tutorials

The Chrono distribution contains several demos for modeling and simulating sensors for robots and autonomous vehicles with the SENSOR module.

Chrono::Sensor provides support for:

  • RGB mono Camera
  • Lidar
  • Radar
  • GPS
  • IMU (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer)
  • Tachometer

These are parameterized models of sensors commonly used in robotic and autonomous vehicle systems.

In addition to the main library, the SENSOR module also creates a library of pre-defined SENSOR models which currently contains:

  • Generic Camera
  • Lidar
    • Generic lidar
    • Velodyne VLP-16 (Puck)
    • Velodyne HDL-32E
  • Generic GPS
  • Generic IMUs

Select sensor demos:

  • Basic Sensor Demos
    • demo_SEN_Camera - example camera sensors with custom filters
    • demo_SEN_Lidar - example lidar sensor with custom filters
    • demo_SEN_GPSIMU - example using a GPS and IMU on a pendulum
    • demo_SEN_tachometer - example use of a tachometer to measure body's rotational speed
    • demo_SEN_JSON - example use of sensors through JSON interface
  • Vehicle and Sensors (require Chrono::Vehicle and Chrono::Irrlicht)
    • demo_SEN_Gator - example vehicle equipped with sensors
    • demo_SEN_HMMWV - example HMMWV equipped with sensors
    • demo_SEN_deformableSoil - example sensing on deformable terrain
  • Sensors with TensorRT (requies USE_TENSOR_RT=ON in cmake)
    • demo_SEN_NNCamera - example for using a camera with a filter based on a neural net with inference through TensorRT
    • demo_SRN_rl_infer - example using sensor with neural net to perform driving using reinforcement learning