Chrono MULTICORE module tutorials

The Chrono distribution contains several demos for multi-core simulation of Chrono systems with the MULTICORE module.

Selected demos:

  • demo_MCORE_ballsNSC
  • demo_MCORE_mixerNSC - simple examples of using NSC (non-smooth) contact formulation
  • demo_MCORE_ballsSMC
  • demo_MCORE_mixerSMC - sinple examples of using SMC (smooth, penalty) contact formulation
  • demo_MCORE_friction - rolling and spinning friction example
  • demo_MCORE_motors - example of using linear and rotational motors
  • demo_MCORE_callbackNSC
  • demo_MCORE_callbackSMC - examples of using custom callbacks for contact reporting
  • demo_MCORE_custom_contact - example of user-defined collision pairs
  • demo_MCORE_particlesNSC - example of using a container of homogeneous spherical particles, each with only 3 degrees of freedom (no rotations)