Project Overview

Chrono::ROS is a module developed by the Simulation-Based Engineering Lab (SBEL) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The goal of the project is to provide a simple and extensible interface between Project Chrono and the Robot Operating System (ROS 2). Chrono::ROS allows individuals to directly incorporate Chrono into the development of ROS autonomy stacks. Built on top of ROS 2's existing network capabilities, Chrono::ROS uses existing ROS concepts (publishers, subscribers, etc.) and interacts directly with ROS topics.

Support for Other Chrono Modules

Chrono::ROS is not necessarily tied to any one Chrono module; however, currently, only a limited number of handlers have been implemented for existing Chrono functionality. For instance, Chrono::Vehicle and Chrono::Sensor have general purpose handlers implemented for rapid prototyping.

If other modules are used, custom handlers can be implemented that handle this functionality. Please refer to the Chrono::ROS page on Custom Handlers for more information on how to implement custom handlers.