Chrono GPU module tutorials

The Chrono distribution contains several demos for granular dynamics with the GPU module.

Chrono::Gpu provides support for GPU-accelerated granular dynamics via the penalty-based discrete element method (aka SMC).

Granular dynamics demos:

  • demo_GPU_ballcosim

    A simple co-simulation example: a triangle mesh represents a sphere represents whose dynamics are computed with a ___ system with external forces generated by a Chrono::Granular system of particles interacting with the mesh.

  • demo_GPU_fixedterrain

    Generates a set of particles which are fixed in space by sweeping out a meshed surface representing a fixed topography underlying loose granular material.

  • demo_GPU_ShearBand

    A box of loose material is settled and shoved to one side by a moving boundary condition plane.

  • demo_GPU_terrainBox_SMC

    A simple settling example used for performance analysis.