Install the OGRE module
This module is still at an experimental stage.
Most demos and tutorials do not use this module for visualization, as they use theIRRLICHT module, which is more tested and at a more advanced stage of development.

The OGRE module provides an interface to the Ogre library as a realtime 3D visualization system to show Chrono::Engine simulations.


  • To run applications based on this module you need:


To build this module you need:


Building instructions

Chrono_Ogre depends on Ogre, MyGUI, and SDL. Download them from the links above.

This usually wouldn't be too tricky to setup, but the code is written in C++11, which causes problems with Ogre. In order to build Ogre so it can be used with Visual Studio 2013, you need to

  1. Clone the Ogredeps repository at with Mercurial
  2. Install the DirectX June 2010 SDK at
  3. Configure the Ogredeps CMake for Visual Studio 2013
  4. Build and install it, and then rename the install folder to "Dependencies"
  5. Clone the Ogre repository at with Mercurial
    • The version most tested on is 1.9. Version 2.0 and on should be compatible, but this isn't guaranteed
  6. Copy the "Dependencies" folder from before into the build directory you made for Ogre in CMake
  7. Download boost at
  8. Build boost
  9. Configure Ogre, build it, and then install it. All headers, libraries, and DLLs will be in the "sdk" folder in the build directory