chrono::vehicle::ChWheeledVehicleAssembly::ChTireContactCallback Class Referenceabstract


Callback class for specifying tire contact geometry.

#include <ChWheeledVehicleAssembly.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void onCallback (std::shared_ptr< ChBody > wheelBody)=0
 Callback function for attaching contact to a wheel body. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual void chrono::vehicle::ChWheeledVehicleAssembly::ChTireContactCallback::onCallback ( std::shared_ptr< ChBody wheelBody)
pure virtual

Callback function for attaching contact to a wheel body.

A derived class must implement the function onCallback() which must append the contact shape(s) to the specified wheel body. Optionally, this function can first change the collision model type for the provided wheel body (consistent with the system type).

wheelBodyPointer to the wheel body