chrono::particlefactory::ChRandomParticleVelocityConstantDirection Class Reference


Generator of random particle velocities with constant direction.

Modulus is constant by default, too, but it can be set as randomized via a statistical distribution.

#include <ChRandomParticleVelocity.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ChVector RandomVelocity () override
 Function that creates a random velocity each time it is called. More...
void SetDirection (ChVector<> mdir)
 Set the direction for all the randomized velocities.
void SetModulusDistribution (std::shared_ptr< ChDistribution > mdistr)
 Set the statistical distribution for the modulus of velocities.
void SetModulusDistribution (double mval)
 Set the modulus of velocities as a constant value.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ChVector chrono::particlefactory::ChRandomParticleVelocityConstantDirection::RandomVelocity ( )

Function that creates a random velocity each time it is called.

Reimplemented from chrono::particlefactory::ChRandomParticleVelocity.